Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!!

Here is what our packing job looked like. The bags are loaners from Mike & Mindy Goldweber from their round-the-world travels last year. They came over with Eli for dinner today and Eli tried DDR for the first time. Mike and I tried to submit my gas reading to CG&E this evening without success. And I got great tips from Mike about how to configure the PowerBook: transfering big files from one computer to another by Firewire is awesome! We also loaded Skype on all our computers and tried it out this evening with Keith (on Sara's computer in Etown). ("Lo que inventen los blancos!" as my Dad would say.)

We said farewell to the crowd at Little Flower after Mass today and cleaned out the files for 2006; tomorrow I'll be assembling stuff for our tax preparer. (Ugh.)


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