Friday, January 13, 2006

New Home

We went to Mass on Saturday since move-in day was Sunday. It was the coldest Mass we had ever been to. The lectors and distributors wore their coats! The Church is called Our Lady and the English Martyrs. We are going to Mass this week at the Dominican Priory, which happens to be very close to our house.

Move-in was relatively easy. Rosemary and her mother, Joan (89 years old), had been at the house all day weeding and straightening up. They are very sweet people. Below are pictures of our home away from home.

We were able to find the main grocery store in town, Sainsbury's, and do some preliminary shopping there. We can only buy what we can carry home; that's why people go to the grocer every day. Everything is small here, even the stove and oven. Cooking has been an adventure, but we've done fine so far. Here is Debbie cooking our first meal.

Each day, since Sunday, we have gone on a walking tour of a different part of the city. On Wednesday, we were able to "hire" (rent) bicycles for 6 months, so it will make our traveling much quicker. It's almost impossible to navigate a car through the tiny streets here. It is much quicker to either walk or bike. Riding on the wrong (?) side of the street will take some getting use to, though.

We've been to the one and only "mall" in the city, Grafton Center. It is so small! It takes about 2 minutes, at most, to get from one end to the other, walking leisurely. It is really kind of cute.

We have been to Wolfson College several times. Danny will have to check in there several times a week to pick up mail. We have accepted an invitation to attend our first "formal" dinner at the college. Danny will have to wear his academic robes. I'll definitely take a picture of that!

Now about doing laundry in Cambridge. Unbelievable! Each load takes TWO HOURS to wash! Our washer sounds like an airplane getting ready to take off. Also, there is no dryer, so everything is either hung on the line outside (impossible since it's rained nearly every day since we've arrived) or hung on racks in the house. It takes all day to do two loads!

Our TV/DVD was delivered yesterday, so we are finally feeling connected to the world. More to follow later . . .


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

Mrs. otero,

your new house is very beautiful, and i am personnaly jealous. i hope you are very happy and are having a nice time.

Andrew Dierker

At 7:18 PM, Blogger Brent said...

Mrs. Otero,

I really like your new home. It looks like you are having fun and we hope you are. Please answer my other comment which asks how i put a picture of the class on my blog. Have fun and remember that we miss you always!



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