Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Janina's Visit

Janina came to Cambridge over the weekend. We hadn't seen her in over 5 years. She looks wonderful and has become a beautiful young lady. It was great to catch up on her life since she was last in the US. Here are a few pictures of her visit.

Here is Janina with Danny and with Debbie in our dining room.

We took Janina for a walk downtown and through a couple colleges. This statue, of St. John Fisher, stands outside the main gate to the Divinity School, across from St. John's College.

The statue of Thomas Cranmer is located on the other side of the gate from John Fisher.

While touring St. John's (on a very cold and windy day) we saw people punting under the Bridge of Sighs.

Here is the beautiful Janina!

Danny took this picture of the 'wedding cake' from the back of St. John's College. You can easily see the symmetry in the architecture from this vantage point.

Believe it or not, there is a man inside this trash can playing guitar. He was playing quite well, so we weren't quite sure why he was in the garbage! He certainly drew a crowd, though.

This is proof that Danny IS working while here at Cambridge.

Janina and I went to Danny's concert with the Wolfson College Choir on Sunday night. The choir was very good. They performed at St. Michael's church, just across the street from the college. The program was another 250th birthday celebration of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. You can make out Danny right in the center of the picture, front row center in the choir.

Here are Janina and Debbie posing next to a post box.

We took Janina to see Trinity College. In the antechapel, the walls were covered with memorial plaques, like this one, commemorating famous Trinity graduates. Danny actually took pictures of 12 of these (mathematicians, of course). This one remembers the great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan

This statue of Newton is also in the antechapel along with Isaac Barrow and Alfred Lord Tennyson.

We took Janina to the Wren Library. While there, we caught Danny copying the contents of Newton's ledger.

This is a page from an 8th century manuscript of the Pauline Epistles at the Wren Library. It shows the beginning of the letter to the Philippians: Paulus et Timotheus servi XP'I IHSU/ omnibus sanctis in XP'O IHSU qui sunt Philippis cum episcopis/ et diaconis gratia vobis et pax/ a Deo Patre nostro et D'no Iesu XP'O...

We finally stopped to have lunch and tea. Here are the three of us relaxing.


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I must say the picture of Dad copying down Newton's ledger is one of the cutest pictures of all time.


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