Sunday, March 05, 2006

Westminster Palace

While we were working on the London and Canterbury post, we realized that we had never posted pictures from our FIRST trip to London, with the Society for Visiting Scholars, back on February 13. Here are some of those photos.

On our way by bus to Westminster in the morning, we passed this famous site, the Tower of London.

The London Eye, pictured here, is located on the other side of the Thames from Westminster, and adjacent to the London Aquarium.

This is Victoria Tower which stands at the opposite end of Westminster Palace from Big Ben. When the Queen comes to parliament (once a year to open the session), this is where she enters the Palace.

The four pictures below are all of the Palaces of Westminster. This is where the government (the House of Lords and the House of Commons) is located. We were given a wonderful tour of the complex, but unfortunately, like at many attractions here, pictures were not permitted inside.

Everyone knows what this is: Big Ben. We were standing by when the clock struck 10:00.

This picture, of the Thames River side of the Palaces of Westminster, was taken from Westminster Bridge.

While driving across London, we passed the Wellington Monument.

Driving from the Palaces of Westminster to the Wallace Collection took us past the 'real' Hyde Park, pictured here.

This is appropriately called Marble Arch.

This beautiful building houses the Wallace Collection Museum. This was where we spent our afternoon in London.


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