Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Proof of Spring

This blog will be brief. It's posted here to prove that spring has FINALLY come to Cambridge. The city is full of color now!

The cherry trees are in full bloom.

The swans are on the river Cam.

We met these birds en route to Grantchester.

We also have black swans...

...and pheasants. This one we encountered in a field on the way to Grantchester.

Here's the river Cam with Cherry blossoms in the foreground and willows in the back.

Little daisies cover the fields near the Backs.

The walkway from the University Library sported these white and purple daisies.

This is the cherry tree at Emmanuel College (John Harvard's school). Even the art work looks drab against the blossoms!

Here are some beautiful pictures that my friend Aviva took.

The daffodils are plentiful at the colleges.

Here they are along the back of Queens College.

Just look at the colors!

Even butterflies!

I hope this gives some idea of the beautiful colors we are now seeing here.


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