Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cambridge Colleges Picturebook, IV: Selwyn, Newnham, & Darwin

Below are some pictures of Selwyn College which opened in 1882. It was a favorite college for sons of clergymen because all senior members had to be confirmed Anglicans (not the case today).

The main gate shows the red-brick, neo-Tudor style of the 1880s.

This is the outside of the main gate.

The greek inscription atop the main gate means 'Stand fast in the faith & acquit yourselves like men.'

This beautiful building is the Master's Lodge. Each college has its own Master who lives in the Master's Lodge during his/her term.

Here in the main courtyard are student lodgings.

The Chapel, pictured here, is reminiscent in style (but not size) of King's College Chapel, built 400 years earlier.

In this picture you can see the similarity between Selwyn's Chapel and King's College Chapel.

Here is the interior of the Chapel. We liked the decoration behind the altar showing Jesus ascending with a pair of angels.

Here are some details on the Chapel's choir stalls.

This grand building houses the dining hall.

Of course, flowers are abundant on campus.

Next is Newnham College which lies just across the street from Selwyn College.

The main gate to Newnham College. The college was founded in 1871 as a women's college. The writer Sylvia Plath and actress Emma Thompson are Newnham graduates.

This is the inside of the main gate. The red and white brick (Queen Anne style architecture) is very attractive.

This is a picture of one of the side gates to Newnham.

We aren't quite sure whether or not these are student rooms. It was a beautiful scene with the green and purple foliage alongside the red brick.

Here are some more student rooms. The cranes in the background indicate that Newnham is still building. It is definitely a thriving college.

Here is another view of the courtyard.

From the outside, looking in, this seemed to be the dining hall.

This garden and fountain are situated immediately inside the main gate.

Now we will move on to Darwin College. It is one of the newer colleges, founded in 1964.

Darwin College (which has a very small campus) was the first modern Cambridge college designed solely for postgraduates. It was the first Cambridge college to accept both men and women.

This is a view of the gardens at Darwin. The Cam runs right along the back of the small campus.

We don't know exactly what this building is, but its architecture was very interesting.

The college is named Darwin because the campus encompasses the former residence of the Darwin family (the great Cambridge dynasty descended from the naturalist Charles Darwin) pictured here.

This is the back of the Darwin House, looking from across the River Cam.

Here is one final view of the Cam running through the back of Darwin College.


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