Sunday, February 05, 2006

Returning from Rome - Thursday, 2/2/06

Arrivederci, Roma! As if our tour of Rome wasn't beautiful enough, here are some views from the airplane flying back to London.

The Italian coast at Ostia and Fiumicino (we are flying over Da Vinci airport).

This is the island of Giglio, off the Italian coast, and just south of the famous isle of Elba, the site of Napoleon's exile.

And these photos show the north coast of the island of Corsica. Note the snow caps.

A, mon Dieu! The Côte D'Azur! We are flying over Monaco, at the foot of La Trinité, the first of the French Alps. In the middle of the photo is Nice.

Off in the distance above is Cannes.

This a lovely sight: flying over the French Alps, this is the Lac de Serre-Ponçon, near the Italian-French border. (Torino is about 100 miles away from here, to the northeast.)

When we got back to England, the weather was frigid, gray and foggy, in sharp contrast to what we had just left. But we were still glowing from this great excursion. And ready for a long nap, too!


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