Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fun Pictures

The pictures below are of several fun/interesting/different things we've found since living in Cambridge. Enjoy them.

This is the British way of saying 'Exit.' Danny really likes these signs.

Rising Bollards! These posts are in the middle of the street to prevent unauthorized cars from passing through. Cambridge city centre is a pedestrian way. There is a sensor on the windshield of authorized cars that lowers the bollards and allows those cars through.

In the UK this is the sign for a 'roundabout' (a rotary).

The Sir Isaac Newton is, so far, our favorite place to get Fish and Chips. Don't you love the name? Newton was a Cambridge man.

Of course, anything with a mathematician's name on it, like this street sign in Rome, must be photographed. Interestingly, the map we were carrying said this was Viale Fibonacci, not Euler. You gotta love Rome.

These accordion buses in Rome are cool. It's interesting seeing them navigate the very narrow streets (and corners).

This SmartCar is the car of Deb's dreams! It is only about six feet long. There are quite a few in Cambridge; Rome, however, is FULL of them.

Double-decker buses are all over both Cambridge and Rome.

Cambridge Police car. There's no 'blending in' with these cars.

Sign: Caution: Elderly people present. The Brits certainly are concerned about the treatment of their seniors.

Cute sign at Ely train station.

Humps!We would call this 'rough road ahead.'


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