Monday, June 19, 2006

Cambridge Colleges Picturebook IX: Magdalene, St. Catharine's, Gonville & Caius, Trinity Hall

Magdalene (pronounced 'maudlin') College was founded in 1542 on the grounds of a former monastic hostel devoted to educating scholar-monks.

Here is the gate connecting First and Second court. The college motto, "Garde ta foy," means "Keep faith."

This picture shows the chapel on the left and the dining hall on the right.

Magdalene students still eat dinner by candlelight here since there is no electricity in the hall.

Pepys Library, pictured here, was built in the late 17th century.

Here's another of Magdalene's buildings. This one lies along the Cam river.

The chapel is small but beautiful.

At right is one of the stained glass windows in Magdalene chapel. This one depicts the Annunciation, the Visitation and the Nativity of Christ.

Much of Magdalene student housing is across the street from the main campus. This Tudor style building is at the front of one of the residential courts.

Here is a picture of Magdalene College from across the river Cam, at Quayside.

The side of the buildings facing the Cam were gorgeous in full spring bloom. Lavender was the dominant color.

Here is the main gate to St. Catharine's College, founded in 1473 and named after Catherine of Alexandria, a patron saint of scholars whose cult was very popular in medieval times.

Sarah, a 'Cats' third-year, graciously led us around campus. This small belled-doorway leads into one of the small courtyards where student housing is located.

These are students' and fellows' residences in the main court.

The gardens were beautiful. You can see a glimpse of the newer housing in the background in this picture. The college library is on the ground floor of that building.

This is the exterior of the chapel at St. Catharine's.

Here is more student housing.

Gonville and Caius (pronounced 'keys') College sits directly behind the Senate House and right in front of Great St. Mary's Church (the University Church). This is one of several main gates to the college.

The Gate of Honour is located behind the Senate House and is only used for special occasions like students' graduation services. The college was founded in 1348, making it the fourth oldest of Cambridge University's colleges. There are approximately 650 students.

Here is a view of Gonville and Caius college from atop Great St. Mary's Tower. It shows well the plan of the campus.

The college has several entryways, and of course, beautiful landscaping.

Here is your view if you look to the right upon entering the gate.

The windows facing Trinity Street sport wonderfully sculpted figures like the one shown here.

Trinity Hall is sandwiched between Trinity College and Clare College. It also sits directly behind Gonville and Caius. Here is the main gate. The college was founded in 1350, just after Gonville and Caius.

This picture shows the newest building at Trinity Hall, the Jerwood Library a most tastefully designed modern building (1998). It sits on the bank of the Cam just next to Garrett Hostel Bridge.

Here is one of Trinity Hall's courtyards. The building on the left is student housing. The one at the back is the former library.

In this picture, you can see the wall separating Trinity Hall from Clare College.

The forecourt in this picture is Gonville and Caius College. You can see a bit of Trinity Hall behind. The building in the back is the stately University Library.


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