Monday, June 05, 2006

The Manor, Hemingford Grey

Deb's friend, Diana, took a group to 'The Manor' in the village of Hemingford Grey. It was a beautiful day to see this very famous residence and the gorgeous gardens surrounding it.

The day started with lunch at this pub, called 'The Cock.'

Here's our tour group for the day.

The pub had a cute garden patio out back. You can see how bright and sunny it was!

The Manor lies along this river, the Great Ouse. Lucy Boston first saw the house from this river and decided to purchase it after her marriage failed.

This is The Manor. It was built circa 1130 and is reputedly the oldest continuously inhabited house in England. The most recent residents are the Boston family. Lucy Boston was a very famous British children's author of the 'Green Knowe' books.

In this picture you can see traces of the Norman architecture in the windows. We were given the tour by Lucy Boston's daughter-in-law who still lives in the house with her family.

Do you see the small balcony in this picture? That would have been the original main entrance to the house. Animals would have been stabled below.

When Lucy bought the house, it was surrounded by fields. Lucy had acres and acres landscaped into beautiful gardens, including these sculped yew plants.

Lucy must have been a chess player since all these sculptures look like chess pieces!

Here's one look at a garden.

This is part of the large iris garden. The colors were beautiful, even though peak time had passed.

We decided to walk to see the church in the village. On the way we passed these two thatched houses.

The church is called St. James and is situated right along the Great Ouse river.

Here's an example of a stained glass window inside.

This is the main altar. It was a quaint little church, so I can imagine an intimate congregation worshiping here.

The cross was beautiful, showing the alpha and the omega.

Of course, Deb had to take a picture of the organ. It seemed awfully big to be in such a small church.


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