Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cambridge Colleges Picturebook, X: Christ's, Homerton, Hughes Hall

Christ's College was founded in 1505, under the patronage of Lady Margaret Beaufort (mother of Henry VII). She also founded St. John's College.

The coat of arms atop the main gate is very similar to that at St. John's. The statue here, though, is of Lady Margaret Beaufort. The statue at St. John's is of St. John.

We were only permitted to visit First Court. The other parts of the campus were off limits to visitors.

This picture shows your view as you enter the main gate.

The chapel was small and quite elegant in its simplicity.

This memorial was one of the decorations
in the chapel.

This shows another part of First Court. The chapel is located in the corner of this picture.

Christ's is considered a medium-sized college with about 400 undergraduates and 100 postgraduates.

Here's one final view of First Court. It would have been nice to see the other courtyards. Oh well, c'est la vie!

Homerton College is located south of the city centre, along Hills Road. It was founded in 1768 and was traditionally the home to the University's education school. Still known for training future teachers, the college now offers a wide range of courses of study.

As you can see from this picture, the campus is beautiful.

It may be safe to say that almost every college here has some kind of sundial. Unlike many, this wasn't on the side of the building but in the gardens.

This picture shows student housing for Homerton College students.

From 1895-1978, Homerton was exclusively a women's college.

This shows the Great Hall at Homerton College.

The final college for our Picturebook is Hughes Hall, also located outside of the city centre, off Mill Road.

The college began in 1885 as the Cambridge Training College for Women Teachers. Here is a picture of the gate.

This building is called the Pavilion. It's a lecture hall that seats 80 people.

Men were first admitted to Hughes Hall in 1973 when Hughes Hall became a graduate college of the University. It also accepts "mature undergraduates."

Just look at this stately building. It looks like student housing.

This is the newest building at Hughes Hall and is at the main entrance to the college.

Here is more student housing at Hughes Hall. It is the oldest of Cambridge University's 6 graduate schools.


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